Now NFTs Can Link To Twitter Profile Photos. What You Should Know.

Now NFTs Can Link To Twitter Profile Photos. What You Should Know.

Now NFTs Can Link To Twitter Profile Photos. What You Should Know.

Due to the current surge in interest in digital assets, several organisations have begun to incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into their respective ecosystems. Twitter, like many other social media sites, has a following. Gotten on the bandwagon.

A non-profit organisation (NFT) may be used as a profile picture on the social networking site Twitter Blue, a paid membership service that grants users access to premium features and services. Twitter has made this statement in January 2022, according to its website.

For the time being, this NFT function is only accessible on iOS devices, but Twitter has said that it will be made available to Android phone users shortly.

Twitter Blue enables users to make changes to previously published tweets, post longer videos, and read the news without being interrupted by advertisements, among other features. Unfortunately, only the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can now use the Twitter Blue service.

Originally scheduled to arrive in 2021, the social media behemoth has delayed the launch.

To store your NFTs, you may use either MetaMask, the Coinbase Wallet, or the Rainbow wallet.

You’ll be brought to your wallet, where you’ll be prompted to connect your wallet to your Twitter profile.
As soon as you’ve established a connection, you should be able to access your gallery of NFTs.

Select an NFT and resize it as necessary. Choose Done from the drop-down menu to make the NFT your profile picture.

Because you now have a verified NFT, your profile image will be in the form of a hexagon, signalling to others that you have one.

According to a tweet from Twitter when the feature was first introduced in January, “We’re introducing NFTs as one of the numerous options to personalise your Twitter profile so that you may show off the NFTs you possess in a hex-shaped profile photo on your Twitter account.”

NFTs are digital collectables, generally works of art, granting the buyer exclusive ownership of the item after purchasing it. They are exchanged on the blockchain the same way cryptocurrencies are traded.

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